Sunday, June 25, 2017

Welcome All

On this site you will find a comprehensive smattering of my work over the years. This archive represents the breadth and width of subject matter that wished to be painted through me. Please feel free to peruse the various categories listed above.
Thanks and enjoy!

In Peace, Jan


Giorgio's 12x12

Perusing 12x16

The Timeless Catch 12x16

Late Summer (nearly completed) 12x16

Nememsha 12x16 SOLD

Allium Cepa (Onions) 12x12

Jacks Invasion (What? It's a long story)
Mid Century Modern 12x16

Mourning Dove 5x7 sold

The Still Before the Storm 12x16

Languid 12x16

Hurricane's Retreat 12x16 SOLD

Kate and Bob 12x16

Summertime (and the Living is Easy) 12x12

Take Yourself Lightly 12x36
unframed on canvas

On Shore Breeze 12x16

Morning Tide 12x16

Thawing 9x12

Street Surfing 12x16

Monk - Light and Shadow 12x16

Meditation on Water 12x16 SOLD

Meditation on Sand 12x16

Vintage Beach Buddies SOLD

The Bunkhouse 12x12 SOLD

Ruling the Roost 9x12 SOLD

Downtown at Dusk 8x6

Moored 9x12

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