Humanity Series


Worth the Wait 12x16

die Bitte -  The Plea 12x16

Plugged In 12x16

It's a Bird, It's a Plane. . .
(SuperMannequin) SOLD

Venire Mangiare - Come Eat

Undaunted 12x16 SOLD

Exit 66th Street 12x16

die gelben Regenschirm 12X16
(The Yellow Umbrella)

Chillin' 12x16 SOLD

#Florence 12x16

Grace 12x16 SOLD

The Brattle Book Shop 12x16 SOLD

During a trip into New York City I was inspired by the many faces and varied gestures of Humanity along with the sights and sounds of the city.  Thus began the city series (although my camera is always poised, at any location, to capture a Being or Beings, in the moment of their doing).
I am now grateful for the tedious drawing exercises in college that required us to employ x-ray vision  peering through our models to render their skeletal and muscular systems. 

New York City

Grand Central Taxis 12x16 SOLD

Underground and Overdue 16x20 SOLD

A Heart, A Soul Amidst Graffiti 12x16

Call When You Get There  12x16 SOLD

Neighborhood Watch  9x12

More Interesting Than Ice Cream  12x16 SOLD

Back in New England
Green Bench and a Good Book  12X16

The Look Before the Leap  12x16 SOLD

Absorption 12x16 SOLD

Bread and Water (and a Light Salad)  9x12

  Order Up  5x7 SOLD

An Eternity  12x12 SOLD

This seafarer became the subject of a bit of 'photo stalking' at the docks in Plymouth, Ma.  I captured many illuminated seacoast references of this local character.
(In the end, he did become aware of my camera although I never spoke with him.)

Seafarer on Dock 11x14 SOLD
Seafarer at Oars  8x10

The Cousins 8x10 SOLD

Down the Grand Canyon
                                         Junior Ranger Resting  9x12  private collection

Comanche's Song "I Believe I Can Fly"  private collection

The rest of the world
Fin ~ aka Bellies, Butts and Bikinis  16x20

Curioso  16x20

Hundeleben (Dog's Life)  16x20 SOLD

Levity 18x24 NFS

This was adapted and painted from an advertisement in a news magazine.  The three elements
were chosen from a scene depicting these boys somewhere in Africa enjoying the freedom afforded
by, what I imagine to be, a trampoline.  It was my earliest figure work in oils.

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