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Book Cover Painting
My well worn copy of An Ordinary Life Transformed.
I took up several years of study of the Bhagavad Gita at the Tree of Life School for Sacred Living.
The original oil painting for the book cover hangs on the school's wall.  It depicts Arjuna handing the reins, 
of his once unbridled emotions, over to Krishna .
I thank and acknowledge my sister and photographer  Carol Mercuri Hannon for the photographic reference of the wonderfully 'ordinary' cup of tea out of which the 'extra-ordinary' arose.
The excerpt 
below from the book expresses my transformation through the study ~ before which
I was not able to claim or regard myself as 'an artist'.

"Variations on a Natural Theme is bird-watching through the exquisite
eye of a poet.  This is a book for those who love loons and other birds of the ocean as well as for
those who are fascinated by the power of poetry to illuminate the natural world.
Each poem reminds us of the sudden appearance and disappearance of beauty -
and its endless variations." From the book's back cover.

               "Techniques to calm, center, focus, uplift and energize students, teachers and parents"


This is a great book that cares for our inner and outer environments!

I am pleased to announce that author Sandy Bothmer was invited to present a workshop and disseminate her book to the teachers of Sandy Hook, Ct. following the tragic violence in their elementary school.

"What's it really like to sail around the world on an old, square-rigged ship?"
As Jim Salmon writes, "A circumnavigation wasn't a desire, it was a need.  Like Thoreau,
I would not 'when I come to die, discover that I had not lived'".

This book is an enjoyable and engaging read!  Our marble of a planet becomes personalized as you journey with the author and circumnavigate her waters.

Where in the world is Pitcairn Island?

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